LurMag Header Style Free Download with CSS | ClickLur

LurMag Header Style Free Download with CSS | ClickLur

LurMag Wapkiz Header Code was created using gradient color. And you can add a big logo to the style of this header first. Then secondly, you will get three buttons, which you can customize to your own liking. You will also find search engine options under the third header style.

LurMag Header


Name LurMag Header
DesignerLabib UR Rahman
ProgrammeHTML, CSS
TopicsHeader Style
Released Sat, 28 Aug 2021 (19:47)
Download0 total
Size1.09 KB
Preview Live Demo


If you like the LurMag Wapkiz Header style in the picture above. Then, download the zip file by clicking on the download link below.

Copy the CSS into your Wapkiz site CSS Theme page

Copy the HTML into your site header usually the site with Id -1

Download more code from Waptheme today, your Review is Important!

Than copy the code given below and use it on your site. Also click on LurMag is to see the Live Demo.


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